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Complete Interiors​

*All work is done on a time plus materials basis.

​Goldfield Trim specializes in handcrafted interiors for antique and collector vehicles. For complete interior projects the vehicle needs to be brought to our shop in Des Moines, Iowa. If desired, pre-manufactured kits are installed on certain vehicles, or a new interior can be handcrafted.  The range of vehicles trimmed by Goldfield Trim spans from the early 1900's to the 1980's.

Seat Rebuilding and Recovering

We can rebuild or repair seats from every era of the automobile. From antique horse hair stuffed seats with leather button tufted covers to modern foam padded seats. We will repair or replace broken springs, or even make new spring units for early 1900 era vehicles. Covers can be sewn at our shop to customer specifications using material approved by the customer. They can be made custom or period correct depending on the project. On certain vehicles premade covers from a kit can be installed.

Bulk Spring For Sale

Goldfield Trim sells the correct sinuous spring with 1.25 inch spacing between parallel wires for many vehicle seats from the 1940's to the 1970's. Available in both 9 gauge and 12 gauge. Sold by the roll or by the foot. Inquire for pricing.

We can make and install headliners for closed cars from the early 1900's through the early 1970's here at our shop. Post 1950 headliner kits are often available and we can install them into your vehicle as well.​​​​
Convertible Tops

We can make and/or install almost any convertible top for your vehicle. From horseless carriage three and four bow tops to modern convertible tops. On early cars, mainly prior to 1950, Goldfield Trim will custom make a top to fit your vehicle, if the vehicle is brought to our shop. The horseless carriage tops will be made from leather or appropriate vinyl laminated material. Also we can restore the top mechanism and bows on most vehicles. Pre-made tops are installed when available, particularly for 1950 and newer vehicles.

Leather Strip Skiving

Goldfield Trim has the equipment to thin leather strips. These strips can be used for making welting, binding or special flat trims for early vehicles. The strips also can be used for making leather buttons. Contact us for more information about our leather thinning service.
Hair Stuffed Tufting
Horseless Carriages often used horse hair as the padding on the back rests and a coil spring seat cushion also stuffed with horse hair. The seat coverings are made from top quality leather with buttons placed in the appropriate pattern. These tufted leather seats are hand stuffed and tacked in place with period correct tacks and fasteners. Done correctly this is a time consuming labor of love and it is one of our specialties here at Goldfield Trim.